One Simple Consulting

• A convergent approach to information workflow and security

• mindful of cyber, physical and process challenges


Simple Planning & Design

Efficient workflows

Cyber, physical and workflow security

Regulation compliance for PII (e.g. GDPR & Privacy Shield)


Simple On-Site IT Assessments

Local hardware configurations

Workflow setup

Information management training


Simple On-Site Security

Local security measures

User security training

Desktop & Laptop Computers

Local Networking

Virtual Desktops

Mobile Devices

 Local Servers

Client Domain Management

Client 3rd Party SaaS Apps

Office 365 Management

Client Storage Backup

User On-Off Boarding Automation

Managed Office 365 & Azure AD

Network Security Service Layer

Client User Data Backup

Virtual AD Serve

Hardware (Device) Management

Client IT Admin Services

Support SaaS Solutions

Remote IT Support