One Simple Hardware

• Desktop & Laptop Computers

• Local Networking

• Virtual Desktops

• Mobile Devices

• Local Servers               


Simple Network in a Box

Plug & play pre-built network

Ready for permanent installation

Ready for easy relocation


Simple Corporate Devices

Company provisioned

Security policies enforced

Remote managed

Mobile and desktop devices


Simple Mobile WiFi Network

Ready for pop-up locations

Customizable for urban to remote rural environments


Simple Virtual Desktops

Virtual company computers for BYOD users.

A convergent approach to information workflow and security

Mindful of cyber, physical and process challenges

Client Domain Management

Client 3rd Party SaaS Apps

Office 365 Management

Client Storage Backup

User On-Off Boarding Automation

Managed Office 365 & Azure AD

Network Security Service Layer

Client User Data Backup

Virtual AD Serve

Hardware (Device) Management

Client IT Admin Services

Support SaaS Solutions

Remote IT Support